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Korean Fashion

Korean fashion has become a hit with many women worldwide and this is not without reasons. It is unique, very stylish and every aspect of it from the outfits, makeup, accessories, hairstyles and down to the nail art makes anyone give just more than just a cursory glance to the wearer. Some aspects of Korean fashion are further outlined below.

The Outfits
Layering clothes, mini dresses, short skirts, knitted sweaters, tights or leggings are some of the casual feminine wear common with women. The leggings are often worn with long tops or tunics or even a dress, unlike most cultures which wear them as pants. Hats, patterned scarves and belts are also a common part of most Korean outfits, though they mostly appear as accessories. For that official look, Korean women love wearing formal attire which is mostly suits that can either be skirt suits or trouser suits. However, for business casual wear, formal dresses and skirts are also quite common and even encouraged. Some office environments will even prefer only long-sleeved attire to further emphasize the formality.
Special occasions are normally riddled with an interesting combination of the special occasion outfit with a blazer, vest, long coat, jacket or coat. It simply depends on the kind of outfit one is wearing for the special occasion. However, the coats, jackets and vests can still be worn everyday for any occasion.

The Must-Have Outfits 
These are simply some clothes that should be part of your wardrobe if you are going Korean style. A one-piece dress worn with high heels will definitely give you that Korean look. It is a common look with many Korean actresses. Having one of those two-tone jackets that are slimmer and longer than the normal jackets will definitely give your wardrobe a touch of Korean style. They also get their name from their two-tone colors; they often come designed in two colors. Having one of those military hats, an over sized knit cardigan, a blouse, a floral skirt and many others will complete your Korean wardrobe.

Heels & Heels
Heels are a Korean fashion necessity and they are available in all sorts of styles colors and designs. The women like them because they accentuate their height since most of them are short, besides most Korean outfits just blend well with heels. Whether readymade or custom-made, heels are simply a must-have fashion piece for a Korean style of dressing. However, as much heels are a big part of Korean fashion it is not unusual to find some Korean girls especially during spring, who really don’t mind their small height and boldly wear some cute pair of multi-colored flats.

The MakeUp
Did you know it is considered slightly rude to go out without makeup in Korea? Makeup is also a major part of Korean fashion and if you are going to wear that nice Korean outfit, some good makeup application will further improve your look. If you don’t like makeup, a well applied face powder and blush will do the job perfectly, plus a little of eye makeup and lipstick or lip gloss if you prefer. Most Korean girls actually look cute in their makeup and never slutty because they don’t overdo it. The face powder and blush is what simply gives them that angelic look.

The Hairstyles
Korean fashion dictates that you should have a unique hairstyle to complete your Korean look. Korean women who prefer low-maintenance hair opt for short hair preferably a pixie cut which is simply longer on the top and short on the sides and back of the head. Women who prefer long hair opt for straight hair especially if they are really busy women who have no time for curling. However, curling can still be part of the hairdo but since most Korean hair doesn’t curl naturally most of them prefer straight hair. Pinning up the hair is also a common hairstyle which accentuates the facial features and goes quite well with various outfits.

Accessorizing is an important aspect of Korean fashion. Necklaces especially the long-beaded variety and the stoned-made ones are common and used to make the wearer look more feminine. Patterned and knitted scarves are also a necessity and go well with the long coats, blazers or jackets. Handbags are also a common Korean fashion phenomenon and especially the short kind of bag. A Korean woman simply never goes out without a handbag even when they don’t wear other accessories. A handbag is an important accessory.

The Nail Art
There is nothing like dainty Korean nail art to give your nails a whole new look. Korean nail art is unique and there are many varieties to choose from. Just make sure you get your nail art done by someone who is really good for perfect results.

The Color Factor
Koreans love color and choosing outfits that are both brightly colored and dark colored is advisable. Contrasting colors in your whole Korean look will do a lot in bringing out that artistic element in your Korean style of fashion. Choose colors that blend well with your skin or hair if you are not Korean for the best look.

Korean Fashion Don’ts
Of course every culture has its fashion dos and don’ts and the Korean one is no exception. Some fashion don’ts are as follows:-

No Shoulders & Cleavage
Korean women don’t show a lot of cleavage and you are bound to get some negative glances if you do. Showing shoulders too is a no-no despite the popularity of tank-tops in Korea. Ladies will be seen covering the shoulder-revealing tank-tops with bolero cardigans or a shawl. There is mostly no problem flaunting your legs, but shoulders and cleavage might elicit a few disapproving glances especially from older Korean folk.

Korean fashion continues to gain popularity around the world and more fashion icons around the world are getting inspiration from it. It is not unusual to see more people turning to Korean fashion style because it is not only attractive but also comfortable and just the right thing for anyone needing a change of wardrobe.

First Outfit seen here 
Second Outfit seen here
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  1. What personally makes me love the Korean Fashion is that the Nail Art.
    I think all most all girls and women are inclined towards Korean nail art.

    And the Korean Fashion Don'ts are something I read for the first time here. I respect..


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