Monday, 8 July 2013

With Ethan K

Last week I was invited to visit the Private Salon of Ethan K's Bag collection and I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Mr.Ethan Koh, the very talented designer, in person.The moment I walked into the room I was thrilled to see it was filled with crocodile or alligator handbags in many different styles and sizes of which some I would never have expected to see ! The story behind all the designs of the bags are so meaningful. They are all related to Ethan's childhood story books, chinese cultural background and surprisingly London too! What I love about his collection is that apart from being so colourful, the skins of the bags are absorbed in herbs and spices, which is quite special I think. Also the weight of the bags were much lighter than I thought. To be honest a lot of bags these days are actually quite heavy to be carried around for a whole day but Ethan thought of this important detail. Therefore his bags are handmade to be as light as possible even though it is crocodile or alligator skin. I think this is very thoughtful of him! Only around 400 bags are made each year in his collection and therefore they are very exclusive. A bespoke service is available to have your own distinctive bag made in the colour, design and size of your choice, how great is that? To see more of his work, they can be found in Harrod's and also on Couture Lab. Why not go and get a part of this wonderful collection for yourself !

Card Holder Thanks to Ethank K
Topshop Blazer
Zara Blouse
J Brand Jeans
Valentino Rockstud Sling Back (similar here)
Hermes Gris Touterelle Birkin Bag



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