Monday, 21 January 2013

I'm freezing !

The weekend was worst with the snow here in London, but thank god it's only the weekend. I cannot imagine travelling around with the snow during the week it's just to dangerous ! I think i've ruin my Uggs from the thick snow and water, so It's not a good idea if you want to stay longer period in the snow. If not just buy another pair lol because mine end up soaked all in water :( ! Wearing these aviator sunglasses from Chanel help alot because the snow can't stop blowing into my eyes. Anyway I have to enjor the snowy days,I'm not sure when is the next time I can see snow because Hong Kong won't ever snow :( !!!!!! 

Asos camouflage coat (similar here) | Asos penguin Tshirt | J brand denim | UGGS boots | Topshop beanie | Louis Vuitton scarf | Chanel aviator sunglasses (similar here)

love love mwan



  1. So cute and perfect the t shirt :) so funny the jumping photos :) hope you ha fun!


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