Friday, 7 September 2012

Fashion Night out at Christian Louboutin

So last night was Vogue fashion night out, I attended Christian Louboutin boutique there was couple of things during the night like the lollipop charity raffles which I got a black tip for the chance to win a Ipad but I didn't get it :( apart from that also fortune telling, cocktail, canapes, live DJ and tattoos making in a small room ,I manage to make Taro my boyfriend to get one too :) After the event we head to Bond street and see if things are still on which it is at around 9:30 there was live bands and million of people on the street it was so crazy and crowded but at the same time it was a fun night, I'm glad I made it this year to join the fun ! 

Adding crystals on my tattos

Charity Raffles lollipop

Live DJ
Christian Louboutin Tattoos 
X Ray window display at Christian Louboutin
Live band in Bond street

Bond street live bands

Gift bags from Christian Louboutin

love love mwan


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