Thursday, 16 August 2012

Airport in Tokyo

Sadly yesterday was our last day in Tokyo , than we flew back home to Hong Kong. Here we took some photos in the new airport Tokyo Haneda and some before leaving The Peninsula hotel that we've stayed at. During this flight back my boyfriend Taro and I manage to sit together for our meal (who say there's no table for 2 flying at around 40,000 feet haha) , we didn't get to last time because of the broken extension table. I can't believe 15 days of our trip pass by so quickly, but luckily we are now home because there is a typhoon coming near to Hong Kong. Here is what I wore Zara blouse and shorts, Chanel white stars flats and Hermes lime birkin. 
P.S I'll be sharing more photos from the trip and videos so stay tuned lovelies :) and now I have a videofy me account you can find me under my name (Michelle wan), hope you like the video and let me know if you like me to share more in the future ?

Zara floral blouse and white shorts | Chanel white stars flats | Hermes lime birkin | Juicy Couture red bracelet 

love love mwan



  1. These are amazing pictures! Love the pictures in the plane! Also love the colour of your purse!

  2. Such a cute blouse! Love the flowers on it!


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