Sunday, 8 July 2012

Summer Fashion Guide: How To Wear Shorts

They seem to be everywhere on the high street and celebrities look great in them, but, for some of us shorts can be difficult to wear. They can be a tricky item to pull off, particularly for shapely figures and those lacking the confidence to show off their legs.
However, shorts really can be worn by anyone and this summer it’s time for you to put your confidence issues to bed once and for all by following our summer fashion guide on how to wear shorts.

Denim shorts
If you’re a newcomer to shorts, denim is an easy introduction to getting your pins out. This festival classic is also great for days at the beach and casual BBQs with friends.
They’re great paired with gladiator sandals or, if your legs are a little on the shorter side, with a casual wedge heel.

High waisted shorts
High waisted shorts are the fashion choice of the A-Listers this season. Everyone from Rihanna, to Kate Bosworth, to the style queen Alexa Chung have been spotted in them.
High waisted shorts not only offer a bit more security around your middle, they create the impression that your legs just keep on going, which, let’s face it, is every girl’s dream really.
If you’re going to commit to the high waist fashion, you have to go all the way and pair it with a fitted blouse that you can tuck in. Baggy tops worn over the high waistline hides the main feature of the shorts and won’t do anything to flatter your shape.

Pleated shorts add a bit of extra texture to any outfit and offer a cheeky twist to a formal look.
Pair pleated shorts with killer heels and a blazer, or take a leaf out of Kate Moss’s stylebook and opt for denim pleats with a black vest, black fitted blazer and large sunnies.

It can be tempting to stick to the same old denim and black when shopping for shorts, but this summer bright colours are back in force.
While black is slimming on the derriere, don’t be afraid to try on bright, bold colours like red or electric blue, or show off the summer tan in pastel orange and pink.

Slim cut knee-length
If you’re conscious of cellulite or flabby thighs, slim cut, knee-length shorts will hide a multitude of sins.
They usually come with a low waist which can make legs appear short, but with a pair of wedges, they’re a versatile short that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Here are some my personal choices above, let me what you think and which one will you buy?

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