Friday, 1 July 2011

MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!COME JOIN!

Hey guys i've started this blog for few months now, I want to thank you people who's been visiting my blog ,leaving comments and of course following my blog which means a lot to me. So because of this I've decided to have my first-ever giveaway to share with you all. See photos below and I hope you like it!

1.American Vintage fleece jacket
2.Topshop chiffon skirt
3.Topshop tweed shorts (ribbon at the back)

What you need to do to get these?
1.Follow me on Bloglovin,Facebook Page and Google friend connect account
2.Leave a comment below to tell me why you would like these items and how you would match these with?
3.Please give me your full name and email address so if you win I can contact you directly(one entry and one comment please)

Remember you have to be a follower of my Bloglovin,Facebook page and Google Friend Connect account in order to qualify.

I hope you all will support my first giveaway,if you guys like it there might be more in the future.
You have until next friday the 8th to enter this giveaway




  1. I follow you via GFC, Facebook (as Danielle Villano), and on Bloglovin!

    I think these items are super cute! I could totally use them up at school. They'd be perfect for different times of the schoolyear - the American Vintage fleece jacket would be great for the winter months, the tweed shorts would be super cute in fall, and the chiffon skirt would be great in spring!
    I'd like to make these pieces the stars of any outfit, so I'd pair them with simple tops and accessories.

  2. I follow you on bloglovin'.

    I adore these items, my favourite is the topshop chiffon skirt!
    The American Vintgafe fleece jacket, is ideal for winter, I'd love to wear it to school, or on a regular day. I think it would look gorgeous with some black Diesel skinny jeans I have!
    The Chiffon skirt, is the one I mostly fell in love with, not that I don't like the others, I love them! I would wear it with a simple black top, as well as the Tweed shorts, because they are so stunning, that they don't need anything else; it wouldn't look right with any complexed tops.

    Constanza Rodriguez

    Thank you, and good luck to the others :)

  3. Dear mwan im following u now !
    i love all of the items, i love to wear those style of jackets in the winter keeps me warm i can match it with my skinny jeans or leggings. The shorts and the skirt are hot to wear it matching with my strappy tops. btw u have a amazing blog, thanks for the giveaway i hope i will get them all.



Thank you for your time and comment


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