Tuesday, 19 April 2011

white lace + creamy blazer

 im wearing T:Alexander Wang,lace vest:japan,blazer:vintage,leggings:Alexander Wang

Lately I’ve been busy sorting out things for my upcoming collection photo shoot with my friends. There is so much to do before that day. We need to find make up/hair artist, studio, photographer, models and so on. I'm very excited to see everything coming together and the photos.

I have put together a white lace vest with my creamy vintage tweed blazer, as I try not to wear black lace with white T,
 so I wore white with white and it looks good. I also used a red Chanel bag to bring a bit of color to my outfit.

Anyway stay tuned, photoshoots coming up!

love love mwan

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  1. i <3 all ur chanels! this red one is fab!

    thanks for ur comment! i just followed u & i hope u will do the same for me! :)



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