Sunday, 17 April 2011

Fried Bean Curd With Pak Choi

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(image 9)

Fried bean curd puff with baby(small)pak choi

What you will need are bean curd,pak choi,garlic,oil,salt and water

1.Wash the bean curd puff and baby pak choi(image 1&3)

2.Slice each bean curd puff in half(bite size)(image 2)

3.Prepare 4 to 5 cloves garlic(depending upon how strong a flavour you like)

4.Fry half of the garlic pieces in a hot pan with oil(until golden brown),then put in the bean curd puffs and stir fry until it is has soften. Then remove from heat and place in a bowl aside for use later( to be mixed with the vegetables later)(image 4)

5.Fry the rest of the garlic with oil then cook the baby pak choi with some water until it is soft and cooked,then in goes the bean curd puffs and stir fry them together(image 6/7/8)

6.Finish and ready to serve(image 9)

try it yourself,good luck

love love mwan

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  1. nom nom nom~Michelle, are u gona cook for me? ;)


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