Saturday, 2 April 2011

Cloudy Windy Paris

(im wearing All saints cardigan, Uni-qlo white t, Louis Vuitton scarf,Topshop leggins, black Hermes Kelly,Prada flats)

(Topshop two tone top)

(my All saints cardigan can also be a scarf)

(Maison De la Truffe)


You must try the beef and foie gras its so delicious

(im wearing Topshop top and lace shorts,Gucci flats,Chanel necklace)



 (Les Enfants Perdus)


Ive been here couple of times, its a cute and cosy restaurant

 (Aqua dress,Burberry jacket,Louis Vuitton scarf,Chanel baby pink bag,Yves Saint Laurent
leopard heels, necklace from vintage shop)

(La Fermette Marbeuf)

Food (3/10)
Im so disappointed with the restaurant ,the food and service was really bad

 (im wearing Asos purple ruffle top,LnA cardigan,Hermes scarf,Hermes bag)

 (Chanel necklace and ring)

Im back from my trip, even though it was windy and cloudy but it didnt ruin my mood going around Paris. It is nice to feel the wind in my face, so breezy. I love it how London is so close to Paris, a reason to pop there from time to time. During the trip i mainly wore my comfy leggings which i always love to wear, I just put on another different top easy and causal with flats to go out. I also managed to wear heels and no tights in the windy and cold night to walk on those bumpy roads.

i miss beautiful Paris already anyways im back in london home with my comfy bed

have a nice sunday!

love love mwan



  1. love the aqua dress x burberry jacket!
    and cutest chanel shaped hedge ever!

  2. helo ldm :)
    thanks for the comment please keep supporting me and my blog

  3. Love your style i will keep your blog


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