Thursday, 24 March 2011


1.chow chow vegetables


3. chicken thigh


5.chow chow soup





10.minced pork


12.prawn and minced pork mixture

13.prawn and minced pork mixture on top of tofu

14.white egg york on top of minced mixture


It is my first time making this chow chow chicken soup, it is a flippino recipe from my helper back home.

Steps for making the soup
  1. Wash the Chow chow (vegetables), cut into small pieces, put into boiling hot water (water amount that you prefer) 
  2. Wash the chicken and remove skin then chop it into bite-size pieces, heat a pan/saucepan with oil then put a couple of slices of ginger to heat up the pan  
  3. When ginger turns golden brown, fry the chicken (half cooked) (image 4)
  4. Put the chicken and the ginger in the water with the char char that is already boiling, then let it boil until it is cooked. Add salt,pepper,green chilly for flavouring (image 5)
  5.  Finished product (image 5)
Steps for making the steam pork and prawn mixed with tofu 

  1. Wash the prawns properly with water  (image 6) 
  2.  Remove shells and slice open the back of the prawns to remove the dirt (image 7)
  3. Blend the prawns in the blender so it is easier to be minced (image 8) but if you don't have it (no worries) use the back of a bigger knife to chop it until it is minced (image 9)
  4. Wash the minced pork in a colander and let the water drain (image 10)
  5. Mix the minced prawn and minced pork in a bowl and add seasoning salt,pepper and squeeze ginger juice (image 11 and 12)
  6. Place the tofu carefully in a bowl, then place the minced mixture on top of the tofu (image 13)
  7. Boil water in a sauce pan, add one egg whites on top of the minced mixture. When it is boiling bring the bowl into the sauce pan (image 14)
  8. Finished product (image 15)
So try it at home when u're free,good luck! 

It is nearly the weekend,have a nice day at work/

love love mwan


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