Saturday, 19 March 2011

Time to time

beef lean diced

dish one

veg soup


today is such a beautiful sunny day and it is the weekend but im stuck at home working on my final project :(  so i dont have time to go out to have dinner,even though take away and going out to eat is fast and easy but i can cook what i want to eat and stay at home. from time to time i like to cook, tonight i made some simple dishes garlic beef,vegtables soup and lamb with red onion :)  tips for making the beef, wash it so that the blood will be washed away ,usually I squeeze ginger juice also slice ginger in it because the beef is fishy and smelly especilly the ones they sell in uk supermarkets. Add normal seasoning like salt(try sea salt), pepper i prefer( peppercorn). When cooking meat i always start to fry with olive oil and gingers so the pan will be nice and hot ,(when ginger is turning golden brown) then in goes the garlic until it is crispy.Usually i like my beef to be medium rare but tonight i want it really crispy so i let it cook a bit longer then usual. 
Inside the veg soup there is cabbage, tomatoes,carrots,potatoes and celery
Lamb-garlic,ginger, red onion,shallots
well im off now, have a nice day tomorrow is sunday !
love love mwan


  1. Mmmm yummy!!!! Makes me hungry :)

  2. hey! it's good to see u're eating healthy despite the busy schedule :) add oil with ur final project!! x

  3. Hey babes! Looks like you have a good lifestyle, when are your finals over? How about make a blog about your project when its over, i'd love to see what you've been up to. As for myself, I'm quite busy too, I dont have semester breaks this year, but it should be very practical, like literally.. XD More updates soon!



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