Tuesday, 22 March 2011



 Nasi Lemak

 Malaysian Blachan Chicken

 Lemak Fish

Nyonya Kuih(malaysian homemade dessert)
1. Baked tapioca kuih(cake) left
2.  Kaya(rice pudding)coconut+pandan leaf flavor   right

This restaurant has the best malaysian food, the chef there is the owner of this family business. Their traditional recipe is already 500 years ago. Everything is made from scratch, I always have the same Laksa noodle soup and Blachan chicken even though it looks like the original fried chicken that you can eat anywhere but I tell you, they marinated with their homemade prawn paste it tasted so delicious. Overall all tasted so good :).
Ive tried Malaysian food in China town and Soho but you cant find anything like "Sedap". The restaurant is near old street station,when you come out it takes around 5-10mins walk. 


love love mwan


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